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Gaggia Portafilter

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The Gaggia company was founded in 1947 and formally incorporated in 1948. It first produced machines for commercial use, but shortly thereafter released the Gilda, its first home machine. The company continues to produce espresso machines from classic manual machines to innovative semi-automatic and super-automatic models recently added to the line. As of 2010, all Gaggia espresso and coffee machines are still manufactured in Milan at the Robecco sul Naviglio factory. The 2015 Gaggia Classic is built in Romania instead.

The Gaggia S.p. A company was purchased in 1999 by fellow Italian competitor Saeco International Group, which in turn was purchased by Dutch manufacturer Philips in 2009. Gaggia still operates a separate line but now is using Saeco designs in some of its domestic espresso machines. Before the takeover by Philips most domestic espresso machines from Gaggia had aluminium boilers. Now they have stainless steel boilers.

The founder, Achille Gaggia, applied for a patent (patent number 365726) for the first modern steamless coffee machine on September 5, 1938, to be used commercially in his coffee bar. The machine forced water to flow over the coffee grounds at a high pressure, producing the 'crema' that is unique to espresso.

Gaggia manufacture a range of espresso coffee machines including:

Gaggia Baby, Gaggia Baby Class, Gaggia Baby Dosata, Gaggia Baby Twin, Gaggia Classic, Gaggia Color, Gaggia Dose, Gaggia Espresso, Gaggia Evolution, Pre 2015 Gaggia Classic, Gaggia Coffee, Gaggia LC/D, Gaggia New Baby, Gaggia Paros, Gaggia Pure, Gaggia Tebe, Gaggia Topazio, TE, TD, TS, XE, XD.

All these machines can use a Gaggia bottomless portafilter, a Gaggia twin spout portafilter or a Gaggia single spout portafilter. These portafilters can use a combination of a 7g single shot basket or a 14g double shot basket. Only the Gaggia bottomless portafilter is capable of using a 21g triple shot basket.

How are our Gaggia compatible portafilters made?

The head of our Gaggia compatible portafilter is formed from solid brass. Brass is softened by heating prior to being pressed in to a portafilter mould. The resulting brass component is then machined to ensure the item has the correct shape and dimensions to fit a Gaggia group. Holes in this brass portafilter head are drilled and tapped in order to accept the correct size spout and handle. The portafilter head is then sent off for chrome plating before being assembled with the correct ancillary components – single or twin spout, 7g or 14g basket, plastic or wooden handle.

What guarantee comes with our Gaggia compatible portafilters?

We are confident that you will love our Gaggia compatible portafilters whether they are a Gaggia bottomless portafilter, a Gaggia twin spout portafilter or a Gaggia single spout portafilter. Even if you use our Gaggia portafilters in a high use environment such as a coffee shop or café they are robust and hard wearing. If your Edesia Espress Gaggia compatible portafilter develops a manufacturing defect within 1 year of purchase, we will gladly offer you a repair or a replacement free of change. Terms and conditions apply. You may be liable for the cost of returning the item to us. This offer does not affect your statutory rights.